ARMA 1814

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The heraldic motto “Nei secoli fedele”, created on the occasion of the first centenary of Benemerita, best expresses the spirit and soul of the Arma dei Carabinieri since 1814, the year of its foundation.
Interpreting precisely this spirit, the brand Arma 1814 is born, which wants to be the mouthpiece of a world in which the values of tradition merge with the momentum and the challenge continues towards modernity and which wants to be a synthesis of a reality made up of people, with their needs and their growing needs, in which the Carabinieri move and act in their ultra-secret mission.
The sports brand K-Bek, the official supplier of the Carabinieri, was identified as a partner of Arma 1814 for the development of a technical clothing line for the mountain with products for skiing on the slopes, for ski mountaineering and for the outdoors.
The activewear collection Arma 1814, made with a completely Italian design and product development, proposes garments with avant-garde fabrics for technical features and comfort, designed and created to guarantee maximum practicality and protection in all outdoor sports activities.
Attention to the modernity of the proposals and materials wisely combined with regard to the tradition, style and history of the weapon; this in essence is the concept that the leaders want to express.
We therefore welcome you to the new world of Arma 1814 where we hope that the identity and characterization of our proposals meet your expectations.
Contact us on, we will be happy to give you all the information of the case and we would like to be able to receive your comments and suggestions regarding our proposals.

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